item founds subsidiary in France

Leading manufacturer in building kit systems expanding

item Industrietechnik GmbH is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications and a partner of the manufacturing industry across the entire globe. Since the beginning of July, it has been operating a subsidiary in France. In taking this step, the specialist in profile and linear technology is making good its promise to always be close at hand with advice and service for its sales partners and customers – now in France, too. item offers the French market over 4,000 high-quality components for constructing machine bases, work benches, automation solutions and lean production applications. Thanks to transport solutions and dynamic elements, the company’s products can cover virtually all working processes, from manual production to automated manufacturing. 

High-quality service and advice and short delivery times – these are the goals item is pursuing with its new subsidiary in France. The company now has its own sales office in Bezons. “By establishing item France, we are acknowledging the importance of the French market. It provides us with a base from which we can ensure orders are processed quickly and flexibly, and customers receive advice from our team of experienced product specialists that is tailored specifically to them,” says Stephan Buchmann, Managing Director of item. Customers can access the entire product range offered by the building kit systems pioneer, with local contacts providing direct support for projects. Catalogue goods are dispatched within 48 hours. The new subsidiary makes it possible for item to respond flexibly to changing market requirements and systematically drive forward its growth in France. For example, the company is planning to intensify collaboration with regional partners.

Interested parties can find more information about the products and contacts at 

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Date: 14 September 2020

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Caption 1: item Industrietechnik GmbH is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications. Since the beginning of July, it has been operating a subsidiary in France.

Caption 2: Using the high-strength aluminium profiles from the item MB Building Kit System, any type of industrial structure can be assembled neatly and rapidly without requiring additional surface treatment.

Caption 3: Efficient process automation can be achieved simply and flexibly using high-quality item components for a wide range of applications.

Caption 4: The flexible Lean Production Building Kit System from item can easily adapt to new workflows.

Caption 5: item developed ergologistic® for shaping more efficient workflows and boosting productivity. This innovative form of work bench design finds a balance between the work bench system and intralogistics.

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